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MEM 3D Photography offers advanced Matterport Pro3 camera services to different industries. These include improving build accuracy and speed for construction professionals, virtual tours and slideshows for real estate experts, fast and accurate loss estimation for insurance specialists, and improved quality control and assurance processes for construction projects.


Construction Professionals

Our service is designed to assist construction professionals in improving build accuracy and speed while lowering costs. The Matterport Pro3 camera we use performs a scan in under 20 seconds, has a range of up to 100m, and reliably performs in all light conditions. Our services provide the benefit of direct conversion from scan data to as-built BIM or CAD models with the Matterport Revit plugin. Our cameras' high degree of accuracy allows architects, engineers, and construction professionals to use the data with confidence, creating models that reflect the reality of the space being scanned. Our technology is perfect for rendering large-scale projects with a high level of precision, with an error rate of only 20 millimeters at a 10-meter range. Our cameras are specifically designed to support the creation of high-fidelity digital twins, making them invaluable tools for construction professionals.


Real Estate Experts

Our company offers a range of services that are proven to make a real difference in the real estate industry. We create virtual tours that have been shown to increase engagement by 300%, allowing potential buyers to explore the property in detail and get a real sense of what it would be like to live there. Furthermore, we've found that 74% of agents using Matterport win more listings, which is a clear indication of the effectiveness of our services. Not only that, but 14% of agents experience an increase in bookings after using our services. We can also produce a "Schematic Floor Plan" that provides a reasonably accurate set of blueprints complete with individual room measurements and illustrations of property features, along with the total floor area calculation. Additionally, we can provide slideshows of the property's most attractive features, highlighting the best aspects of the property and making it stand out from the rest. With our services, you can be confident that your properties will be presented in the most professional and appealing way possible.


Insurance Specialists

Hiring MEM 3D Photography to scan properties can offer insurance experts a powerful tool to accelerate property loss estimation and shorten the insurance claims cycle. With the newly launched TruePlan™ for Xactimate®, our scans can eliminate the need for manual sketching of properties, generate accurate sketches of any space in one click, and visually document damage for insurance claims. By using our services, insurance experts can realize 5x productivity gains in sketch time, increase the accuracy of sketches by 33%, and estimate losses 4x faster. With their help, insurance experts can streamline their estimation process, save time and money, and accelerate the time it takes for claims to be processed, ultimately helping people get back into their restored homes or offices faster.


Construction - QA/QC

If you are looking to improve the quality control and quality assurance process of your construction projects, then look no further than hiring me to scan your space with my Matterport Pro3 camera. With my expertise in reality capture and digital twin technology, I can provide you with continuous documentation of your project, reducing the need for physical site visits, removing distractions of the job site, eliminating miscommunication, and facilitating better collaboration among teams. By incorporating Matterport's technology into your QA/QC process, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your construction projects, ultimately saving time and resources.

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